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Beta Release of DVDtoMKV

i have the pleasure to announce the beta release of

[span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%']DVDtoMKV[/span]

The program is opensource and was created by DVD, the author of DVDtoOGM. The sourcecode is released under a QPL license and hosted on, the same opensource community where matroska is hosted on.

The program is a kind of all-in-one solution DVD ripper, but doesnt include the necessary tools to rip the DVD to the HDD, or to make the indexing ( you need DVD2AVI for that, but we have plans to skip the process in future releases ).

DVDtoMKV will use BeSweet for the audio converting process, and for the time being VirtualdubMod for the video encoding process into MKV. File muxing is then done with mkvmerge, to ensure the highest possible quality MKV files.

We apologize for the huge size of the installer, but mkvmerge requires some not-so-small libraries to work, and we decided to provide them in the installer for the users convenience.

The installer comes in three versions :

Normal Installer :

Will install DVDtoMKV including BeSweet, VirtualdubMod and mkvmerge.  avisynth needs to installed on your machine so the app works properly. Get it here or here

Full Installer :

Will provide avisynth and the matroska playback pack also, for complete n00bs ( thats why we dont post a link here  ).

EXE only

For those who already have all apps mentioned above, there is the EXE only version.

Please test the app and report here how its working for you.


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  • mlejeune
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Beta Release of DVDtoMKV
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Just tested :

Probably small bug : first time I opened, the mkv inputs tab was called ogm inputs.. Now it's called correctly.

I tested with a small project, Followed the guide step by step, and the encoding didn't work.
The audio encoded correctly with besweet, but the vdubmod processes crashed.

Log :

Code: [Select]
Start Encoding Progress:

[14:23:44]: Start Encoding Video - Credits
[14:23:44]: ERROR: VirtualDubMod found this Error: "AVI Import Filter error: (Unknown) (80040154)"
[14:23:44]: Finished Encoding Video - Credits

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Beta Release of DVDtoMKV
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do you have avisynth installed, the frameserver which is necessary to feed the decoded MPEG2 frames into VirtualdubMod ? If not, get the full installer .....

EDIT : Jesus, it was my mistake !!      ....

I had an error in my first version of the announcement, as avisynth is NOT included in the Normal installer, and i forgot to update the posting here  .... fixed now ....
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  • mlejeune
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Beta Release of DVDtoMKV
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Ok, I reinstalled from the complete installer with avisynth. Now the script perform well but I have some new problems.

- The bug I described above is still present. On fresh install, and first launch, the MKV Inputs tab is called ogm inputs.

- I tried several times with different settings, but something is wrong with mpeg2dec. The cropping window display the video correctly, but avisynth output a black video of correct size, and correct lenght to the encoding plugin. So the output video is something like 30kbs. I tried with a fresh mpec2dec3.dll downloaded from avisynth site, putting the correct path in the option tab of dvd2mkv, with the same result. So I'm stuck.
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