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simple mp4 playback question...


lets start by saying.. i don`t use WMP myself..

am checking out some content on a web site..
and the possebilety to convert to mp4. (A/V)

most of the standard user is using WMP in some

my findings:

A. playback of audio.. the WMP 9. do play it.
but gives a "unrecognized extension"

B. mp4 video don`t play at all..
getting a quartz.dll error.

C. install the latest quartz build..
nothing changes.

D. install the 3ivx..
mp4 video plays in WMP 6.4
(hangs a bit.) will not play in WMP 9.

what gives.. is there some fuckup in my system..
or is there a serious prob. with mp4 extension video & WMP 9. ??

(needless to say.. it plays both audio/video
out-of-the-box in MPC.)