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[USELESS] Need to buy DVD-R pack in the USA
hello !

I'm looking for someone
to buy a DVD-R 100 pack
for me in the USA.

I live in France and the
prices here are too

How can I find someone
to help me ?
Of course I need someone
I can trust because
I guess he would want
to get the money before
sending me the dvd-r's...

Maybe someone with a
good Ebay feedback for example ?

How to be sure that everything
will be OK, and how to avoid crooks ?

Thanks !

[USELESS] Need to buy DVD-R pack in the USA
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I don't have much of an ebay rating (only ever got one thing from Ebay).  But I'd be willing to do it.  I'm sure there's others here too, that would help you out.  Drop me a PM if you need help.
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[USELESS] Need to buy DVD-R pack in the USA
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Hi all

/ Fra
bonjour Mr Bruno ^^
Essaye la:
tu evites les frais de douanes et les frais de port ^^
bon courrage

that's all folks

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[USELESS] Need to buy DVD-R pack in the USA
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Don't forget that even if you buy from outside France you are REQUIRED according to the article L.311-4 of the Intellectual Property code to pay the tax for private copy. (Source : " Le Virus Informatique 25 " page 30)

If you don't (who does ) you risk a fine of 150 000 euros and/or 2 years of prison  )

Well so far nobody has been condemned for this. (thankfully)
But sometimes I think the net is getting closer of catching one.

That's why when buying in france you need to know how not to make coasters in your burns.

  • Jan S.
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[USELESS] Need to buy DVD-R pack in the USA
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You are asking for help to do something illegal.
And this is not the place to do business.
Thank you.

LongJohnSilver: this is an english-only forum.

Thread closed.
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