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How much would you donate ?

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    17 (15.7%)
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    12 (11.1%)
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    29 (26.9%)
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    10 (9.3%)
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    21 (19.4%)
  • 25 €
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Total Members Voted: 305

Topic: How much would you donate for a new PC for Frank ? (Read 8115 times) previous topic - next topic

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  • ChristianHJW
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How much would you donate for a new PC for Frank ?
[span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%']Ok, Ok, I'm on the phone now !! Hold it, hold it, its enough  .....[/span]


as the thread i put up in the MPC General section, as usual, is more frequented by AAC and Vorbis users than MPC users actually answering my original question, i decided to put up this poll

Please dont 'vote' if you dont have any plans to really do so, once we really could get this started.

Again, there is a pretty high probability he will just say 'NO' ! But i won't ask him before i know there is a realistic chance we get the necessary money collected, because i honestly dont want to make a fool of myself. Just imagine what happened if he said yes, and then we dont get it done  ....

Some more background information on why i think this could be a solution :

Frank's PC is out of order. Its certainly not like he didnt have the money to repair it ,no. But you maybe know this feeling :
There is something you have to do, say repair the car, but you cant find your toolbox anymore. This is all so frustrating, as you know its a lot of work and even the first necessity to start working on it is missing, you decide to take the bus instead ......

My hope is, that with a new, fully setup PC for him we could

- give him the 'tool' to actually start coding again

- provide him with a toy 'as-nice-or-nicer' than his DVD player

- show him that we REALLY do care about his work, and appreciate it a lot what he has done

- honest guy as he is, he wont accept the PC without giving anything in return to us
Now, please start voting  .....
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