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AviSynth 2.5.4 and AVSEdit 1.0 Released

Hi folks!

We are very proud to present you with another release of AviSynth, and the first release of AVSEdit.

AviSynth 2.5.3 -> 2.5.4 changes:

    * Added Overlay() for doing advanced video overlays/layers. Overlay allows to place arbitrary video on top of eachother. Clips can have different sizes, have alpha masks and even different colorspace. A large variety of blend modes are available.
    * Added SSRC(int samplerate) very high quality SSRC resampling. Audio is always converted to float.
    * Added SuperEQ(). SuperEQ is a very precise 16 band equalizer.
    * Added ConditionalReader(). This enables users to load per frame settings into variables accessible to conditional variables.
    * ShowAlpha now returns RGB, YUY2, or YV12 via the pixel_type argument. The latter two can be used to layer an RGB clip with alpha transparency data onto a YUV clip using the 3-argument form of Overlay().
    * Added IsYUV(clip) to script language (it was only present in the documentation).
    * Added internal audiocache by WarpEnterprises. Added automatically by the filters that need it.
    * Added Histogram(mode="stereo") shows a clasic stereo graph from the audio in the clip. Some may know these from recording studios. This can be used for visualizing stereo width and potential phase problems.
    * Added Histogram(mode="stereooverlay"). Draws the stereograph on top of the original image. YV12 only.
    * Added ChangeFPS(linear=true/false). This will make AviSynth request frames in a linear fashion, when skipping frames. Default:true.
    * Added Tone(float length, float frequency, int samplerate, int channels, string type). This will generate sound.
          o Length is in seconds. Type can be "Silence", "Sine" (default), "Noise", "Square", "Triangle" or "Sawtooth".
          o Defaults are Tone(10.0, 440, 48000, 2, "sine").

    * Fixed out-of-bounds read in Normalize.
    * Fixed compiler warnings in avisynth_c
    * Better seeking precision in audio in DirectShowSource.
    * Fixed crashes and Audio corruption in ConvertToMono().
    * Fixed UnalignedSplice if only audio was present.
    * Fixed Trim crash, if only audio was present (throws an error).
    * Fixed slowdown on multiple Directshow Sources.
    * Fixed green bars in small video with mode="levels" and mode="color". For Histogram
    * Fixed overflow in ConvertAudioTo32bit().

    * Optimization: MMX in Dissolve.

    * Added Kevin Atkinsons avisynth_c 0.20 (stdcall) API.
    * Updated installer. (Thanks to V_ICE for inspiration).
    * EMMS is now executed between all filters to avoid potential FPU-states to be carried from one filter to the next.
    * If any filter should request audio that is out of bounds, if will no longer be passed to the filter above, but the invalid parts will be filled with silence.
    * Documentation restructured and much has been updated.
    * Added C-versions of conditional planedifference filters, for non-ISSE machines.

As always files can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

AVSEdit requires the DOT-net framework v1.1, and an installed version of AviSynth.
Regards, sh0dan // VoxPod.  AviSynth 2.5 developer.

AviSynth 2.5.4 and AVSEdit 1.0 Released

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seems like a lot of progress, great work as usual, care to elaborate shortly on what avsedit is about? (some sort of script maker or maybe avs editing gui for example?)
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AviSynth 2.5.4 and AVSEdit 1.0 Released

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Some additional info about AVSEdit:
AVSEdit is the "official" AviSynth editor and it is a standalone version of DVX's AviSynth editor. Many features are added, and a basic user guide can be found here.

If you want to install it separately, it can be found here.