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Known Problematic Components

[span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%']Current banlist (as for 0.8.3)[/span] (*)
[dl][dt]foo_vis_samurize[/dt][dd]repeated crash reports[/dd]
[dt]foo_mirc[/dt][dd]repeated crash reports[/dd]
[dt]foo_contextsort[/dt][dd]repeated crash reports under 0.7.7[/dd]
[dt]foo_dirvol[/dt][dd]attempts to override behaviors of standard UI, causing overall instability[/dd][/dl]

[span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%']Known potential troublemakers[/span]
[dl][dt]foo_tunes[/dt][dd]repeated crash reports, repeated reports of lockup while shutting down, leaving a ghost foobar2000.exe process.[/dd]
[dt]foo_mpg123[/dt][dd]private experimental accidentially leaked component not meant for regular use, there are several known problems.[/dd]
[dt]foo_la[/dt][dd]has buffer overrun exploits, not closing files after playback, bypassing reader system so unicode filenames, unpackers, streaming, full file buffering, etc don't work.[/dd]
[dt]foo_shuffle[/dt][dd]repeated crash reports, crashes often result in loss of configuration file.[/dd]
[dt]foo_winamp_input[/dt][dd]broken unicode support, broken multithreading, buffer overrun exploits, several other unfixable issues; use at your own risk.[/dd]
[dt]foo_oddcast[/dt][dd]repeated crash reports.[/dd]

If you are an author of one of above and have fixed the issue, please send me a PM to get this list updated.

(*) Banned components are blocked from being loaded by file name. This action is taken to prevent users from experiencing problems caused by faulty components. If you want to force them to load anyway (or you are a developer and want to test a new version), rename the dll file (e.g. to foo_whatever.dll).

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