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Topic: mp3gain 0.7.6 (and back end 1.0.6) (Read 1870 times) previous topic - next topic
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mp3gain 0.7.6 (and back end 1.0.6)

Not much new here. Just an option to force mp3gain to assume that all input files are genuine mp3 files.

Early on in the program development, I had a few people who had problems with a few files. It turned out that they were running mp3gain on some mp2 files that had been mis-named as mp3 files.

I put in some code to check for this case, but my code turns out to be a little too sensitive to mp3 files with corruption right at the beginning of the file. In other words, a valid mp3 file that has an invalid frame at the very beginning can get misidentified as an mp2 or mp1 file.

Instead of putting more effort into doing a more thorough check of the file, I just stuck in an option to skip the check altogether. In theory, this enables a user to run mp3gain on mp2 files, which will screw up the mp2 file, but at least the user will have to consciously enable that option.