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recommended CD MP3 player?
I am interested in buying a CD MP3 player, i.e. the kind that can read a data disc, thereby allowing much more music on one disc.

Thanks to foobar, my entire music collection is now either Ogg or MP4

This poses a problem, however.  I can't make anyone a data CD and expect them to be able to play it.

Does anyone know of a player that natively supports superior file formats?  Better yet, one that supports these formats and can transition from one track to the next smoothly on a data disc?

Cost no object, I just want to know whats out there.

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recommended CD MP3 player?
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1. What do you mean by 'can read a data disc'?
2. If you are interested on Ogg Vorbis look at iRiver production. I am very happy with mines. Lot of features and high quality sound. iMP 350 (partly) & 400 will support Ogg Vorbis in January 2004. Or look at higher models.
3. Or you can wait 3-4 monthes. iRiver is going to place on market some models supporting MP4. There were poll on iRivers forum with photos.
Ogg Vorbis for music and speech [q-2.0 - q6.0]
FLAC for recordings to be edited
Speex for speech

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recommended CD MP3 player?
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You know that both mp4 and ogg are just containers, right?
Both of them can hold audio files coded with several codecs, so you should probably tell what coded you use as well! 
* ogg can hold vorbis, flac and speex.
* mp4 can hold aac and mpeg-1 layer 3 (mp3).

When you say CD mp3 player, I guess you mean a standalone hardware player.
If so I am not aware of any. But maybe some portable player have vorbis support?