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Encoding From to mpeg2 for author dvd

Hello and merry christmas to all there!!!
I don't know if it is the right thread to post it so forgive me...
I have a movie in 3ivx format and it's 1.2gb.
I want to author in dvd format.
Can anyone tell me what program is good and fast for transcode it to mpeg2 format this way to be able to author my dvd?
I tried tmpg but when i tried to encode with scenarist the 2 stream audio ac3 it wasn't at correct timings it said and i was unable to continue....
I tried the Canopus Procoder v1.5 but it takes like forever to encode the file(I was suprised because it's faster than any other program for this job.
Any recomendations anyone?
Thanks in advance.......