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Problems with Flac

I'm playing from Flac + Cue, and I have one song that won't play, even though the rest of the CD is fine.  I re-ripped and it turned out the same.

I also have a few songs that won't playback gapless.

I encoded to Flac with fb2k.  And everything works fine from the Wavs.

Problems with Flac

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I know of at least one other case where FLAC library fails to seek to given sample and this makes cue support skip one track. Bug was reproducable even with official FLAC.exe and was supposedly reported to Josh Coalson. There's not really anything we can do except wait for fix.

Gapless issue must be caused by something else. When FLAC seeking works it is sample accurate and if you encoded proper files and play them in proper order you will get exactly same output as you'd get with WAV files. Compare your FLAC to your source WAV with Binary comparator to verify that encoded files are intact.

Problems with Flac

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About the gapless issue... it seems to be a massive CPU hit when changing tracks, rather than a gap in the file itself.  (the pointer goes very slow starting a second or two before the end of the track)

It just seems strange that most of the files were fine, especially since they were all encoded on the same day with the same settings and everything...... 
and what is even stranger is that I'm playing back from one file per album, so it doesn't even have to change files

oh well, i just decoded back to wav for now.

Problems with Flac

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sorry to revive an old thread, but hopefully people who've been affected by the seeking problem are monitoring...

I have fixed the bug with the seek routine bailing out on some rare seek cases (probably causing foobar to stop playing).  the fix is in libFLAC; more info is at the bottom of this thread:


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