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music pricing ripoff rant

So, what do you do when your "favourite band" releases an album of, say, twenty tracks which you have already have 18  (and have already paid for on other albums) but including an additional "original"" two tracks...?) do you pay the fucking ripoff price for the new album. bearing in mind you alraedy (allegedly)  have the "rights" to 18/20 per cent of this album?

I reckon you just download the album, and give 2/20 of the purchase price to a charity of your choice...

[controvesial/off-topic I know, it just winds me up so much...grrr....sorry...:\ ...)

music pricing ripoff rant

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It depends on whether I'm building a complete collection of the band or artist in question, and even then sometimes it's iffy.  One of the collections I've built up is The B-52's.  I have all of their albums and EPs excepts The B-52's Anthology: Nude On The Moon, because it has no new music on it that I don't already have on another disc, and it's just not high-enough on my wishlist to buy.  Maybe one day, when I have everything else I want... 

Other artists like Liz Phair, I want everything, regardless of what I already have (don't really know why), so I'd buy something of hers even if I already had every song on it.  (I used to be able to claim support of her old indie label, Matador, but not now since she went to Capitol...I'm just supporting another cog in the machine...)

Artists/bands I really like and who have huge collections like Pink Floyd or Rush, I eventually want every disc they put out, but have to do it in prioritized phases.

Artists/bands I don't like as much, I will not buy any disc unless I like at least half of the music on it.  If I really like one or two songs but not others, I'll look for those songs on a compilation disc if it's popular music.  If it's not on any compilation disc, I'll do without.

I do strive for good "bang-for-the-buck" when purchasing music, and I have to buy the CDs because no one that I've found offers lossless downloads of a very wide variety of music.

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