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need help..
hello guys...

i need some urgent help..
i am currently in college and i have to do a project on "Data compression"

i have been lookin on the net and found soem stuff...but i couldnt find one thing..

i need somethign that can give me benchmarks on cpu power used during compression and decompression...

in the end i need to show to people with the help of graphs and other technical stuff as to how compression works and somehow make it easy for them to understand and show them the difference?

I need to answer all this during my presentation and get my point across to people who dont understand this topic:

1. Investigate the different data compression categories
2. Investigate the different compression algorithms
3. Uses of each algorithm
4. Demonstrate usefulness of different algorithms of data compression
5. Investigate trade off between processing time and storage


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need help..
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hydrogen audio search is your friend.

after that, ask some more specific questions.