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iRiver Firmware v2.02 Is Out!
For those of you who own any iRiver MP3 / CD players or RioVolt MP3 / CD players, you'll be happy to know that a brand new firmware update was released today!

Some of the changes are:

1. Gapless playback of continuous audio CD's.
2. Playback of AVEX copy-protected CD's.
3. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

I just flashed my SlimX with v2.02 and it seems to work great, apart from the fact that it still won't play my copy-protected Milk Inc. - Walk On Water CD-maxi. Oh well, apart from that, this new firmware release is a definite improvement!
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iRiver Firmware v2.02 Is Out!
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Great news! Gapless playback of CDDA is what I waited for a long time! I didn't thought, that this feature would actually be implented anymore. Now they only need to implement Ogg Vorbis support and I am perfectly happy!

iRiver Firmware v2.02 Is Out!
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Yeah, it's very likely that iRiver will be the first hardware company to support Ogg Vorbis playback. Personally, though, I'm not sure that Ogg Vorbis is ready for prime time just yet. I tried out RC3 a while back, but on some tracks (at -q5) the quality sounded worse than MP3. Oh well, I'm sure it'll improve over time.
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