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[SPAM] Forum Customization Work And More
Greetings All,

If anyone runs a forum (like this one) and needs some customization work done on it -such as hack installation, and don't have the time or the know how then visit [link removed by admin]

I will install hacks and skins or even a whole forum for a low price!!!

Need hosting? I can provide hosting for as little as $3.00/Month (CAD) at [link removed by admin]

Need a domain? I have some of those for sale too!!

[link removed by admin]
[link removed by admin]
[link removed by admin]
[link removed by admin]

Make an offer for the domains above or for the whole site associated with the domain(s) to [link removed by admin]

* I hope the board mods don't consider this spam  - just trying to make a living lol
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[SPAM] Forum Customization Work And More
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We do consider this as spam, thread closed.

If you want to be a member of this community and add something useful, you are more than welcome too.  If you have joined here only to advertise, then you are not welcome at all.