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Maximal number of ID3v2 tags

I would like to know how many ID3v2 tags can be placed inside an MP3 file. Does it have a limit or can I put 1000 if I would like (of course it is stupid)?

Also, can multiple ID3v2.4 tags be placed at the end of the file?

Sebastian Mares

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Maximal number of ID3v2 tags
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I did never got in depth about id3 but maybe you´ll find the answer here.

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Maximal number of ID3v2 tags
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There can be only one ID3v2 tag at the beginning of the file (possibly also an ID3v2 footer at the end but I've never seen that implemented with any tagger). However, inside the ID3v2 tag you can have as many data elements as you feel like sticking in there (artist, title, album, picture, urls, etc), as long as you abide by the limitations set forth in the ID3v2 documentation ( that limit the number of each type of frame you can have (for example: "There may be more than one "UFID" frame in a tag, but only one with the same 'Owner identifier'.") you can have nearly-unlimited amounts of data in the ID3v2 tag. In terms of actual tag capacity, the tag size field can store sizes up to 256MB, so even if you subtract the neccesary overhead for each frame, unsynchronization, etc, you still have capacity for an insane amount of data.
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Maximal number of ID3v2 tags
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Well, I could send you a file with an ID3v2.2 tag, followed by an ID3v2.3 tag and an ID3v2.4 tag.