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Thanks again!! site size

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Just an interesting fact: At least one large phpBB based community is/was considering to switch to either vBulletin or IPB because of performance problems: Gentoo
"To understand me, you'll have to swallow a world." Or maybe your words. site size

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There is another interesting forum software around, called WBB (Woltlab Burning Board).

It's not for free, but I think it's nearly as good as vBB (lacking some admin options, IIRC).

Note: that's no advertisement, I just wanted to mention that software because I liked it when I used to be around in a forum powered by WBB.

Regards, fileman. site size

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Burning Board is one of the slowest boards I've ever used, I wouldn't go near that. I damn well hope they've improved the speed, now that it has gone commercial (can't have been too long ago)... site size

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Another board that looks good (even it's not free) and it's only of boards I know that uses XHTML 1.0 Strict - Deluxe Portal.