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jlGuiApplet 2.2 Released

Our MP3/Ogg Vorbis player applet has been improved. It includes a new JavaScript control panel allowing to play/stop/pause, load playlist, ... for HTML developers. It also allows to play file or Icecast/Shoutcast streams from any remote server thanks to the self-signed edition.

Here are all new features :
- JavaScript control panel sample added :
    play, stop, pause, shuffle, repeat, next, previous,
    loadplaylist, playlistdump, currentstate, currentsong, loadskin.
- Bug fixed for remote/local shoutcast streams playing.
- useragent parameter added to simulate audio client.
- forceOgg parameter added to force Ogg Vorbis audio format use.
- Documentation & FAQ updated (see support page).

+ MP3 Edition and Ogg Vorbis Edition added to improve applet size.
+ Self Signed Edition added support get rid of applet security restrictions.
+ JavaLayer 0.3 included (jl030.jar).
+ MP3SPI 1.6 included (mp3sp.1.6.jar)
+ jlGui 2.2 included (jlGui2.2.jar, jid3.jar)
+ ShoutCast 1.9.2 support added.

Check out :