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Creative Jukebox Zen NX

What do you think about this player, it's good or not?

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Creative Jukebox Zen NX
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I like mine quite a bit, I thought seriously about the IPod but just could not bring myself to play the extra $300 for something "nicer" when the Zen does the core functions very - play MP3s.

Creative Jukebox Zen NX
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personally, i'm holding out for itunes to be released for windows. then, depending on reviews, i'm getting an ipod because it supports aac.

i used to have a creative jukebox and wasn't particularly impressed with the sound quality. i'm not sure if this is true of all creative products or other people's experiences with creative devices. if sound quality is important to you, i'd strongly suggest looking at iriver products, particularly the soon to be released ihp-120.