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  • BiGBuG
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Library to manage TAG of audio files

I'm developing an intersting free software to manage the tags of all kind of audio files.

Now I'm using ATL library, from Jurgen Faul, but I'd like to know if exist other library to do this (I use Borland C++ 5.0) or if I can use dll of foobar2000 0.677 to read/write tags.

Where can I ask to have a tech support about this?

Thank you

  • mecolik
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Library to manage TAG of audio files
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I started a similar project a few weeks ago but not gone too far..
Like you, I've try to use the ATL library and I was seeking a C++ library.
Never found it, but if you get the source of the TAG program,
you will get a lot of good free code and that do almost what you want to do.
TAG uses id3lib for id3 tags and also contains code for the APE, OGG, .. tags.
I think it could be a good start for a complete C++ audio library.

  • Jasper
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Library to manage TAG of audio files
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Interesting, seems there are a lot of people busy with this, as I have been helping someone who is creating such a library. The project can be found on SourceForge:
I don't think the most recent code is uploaded yet, but in short it adds support for FLAC (vorbiscomments), APE (id3, apev1 and apev2), Unicode, writing and perhaps some other things.
Perhaps it would be an idea to merge the efforts. This library is made in C++, using ZenLib (a helper library made by the original author), the STL and Boost++.