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CD Playback Problems

I'm not sure if it's my DVD drive but my friend has the same problem as well.

For some reason, playing an audio CD in Foobar (RC7-RC11, haven't tried RC13 yet), it'll play a few tracks without problems and at some random track, the console pops up with CD access errors. It only happens with my DVD drive that's set to slave on the 2nd IDE channel, it's slave to a CDRW (which I think are recommended to be set to master). If I play the audio cd through the CDRW drive, it plays back without problems.

I do not believe my DVD drive is faulty as it has no problems playing back DVD movies or accessing data CDs for gameplay, but I will be testing audio CD playback in WMP9 to see whether it's Foobar or the drive.

My drive setup is:

Master: Plextor 4012TA (40x12x40x)
Slave: Pioneer DVD-106s (16x slot loading dvd drive)

My friend's drive setup is:

Master: Creative Labs 4x DVD drive (Tray load)
Slave: Plextor 4012TA (40x12x40)

I've placed an order for that Sony DVD Dual Format DVD burner so i'm sure i'll update the problem when that gets here.

CD Playback Problems

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Your CD is scratched?

Your DVD sucks at DAE? (_totally_ different thing from using data CD's or playing movies)

When testing with WMP, be sure to force digital playback.

CD Playback Problems

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Just did the WMP9 test. Did 5 run throughs of the CD that I knew always caused problems in Foobar. No problems in WMP9, enabled Digital Playback as you suggested.

CD isn't scratched, it's actually new, bout 2 weeks old, listened to once. I don't think the Pioneer drive I have suffers from any DAE problems, as I am pretty sure that it still is, pretty much, the best DVD (non-combo/burner) drive save for that rerelease version Pioneer made a few months back.

Being a link to the review giving 0 errors with the Pressed CD DAE test and the CDR DAE test.

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