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MPC now with libmad filter built in...
Media Player Classic v6.4.6.3: ( YES, I know, the subject number was wrong...)

-rm's own renderer shows the video again
-new filter: mpeg audio decoder, for all versions/layers, based on libmad
-the mpeg video decoder should play smoother now when being connected to the overlay mixer

XP Users:

98/ME Users:
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MPC now with libmad filter built in...
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I luv this piece of code for playing back all my video content!

Also I finally checked out Foobar, and talk about an explosive audio app

MPC now with libmad filter built in...
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Yeah i luv this playa too, but the new version is buggy. On my Win98 SE system with the newest ffdshow version installed this player screws everything up. When playing an avi file the pc just freeze - but with every other format such as .qt .rm.mpg it normally runs .....then i switched the media player renderes and it only runs with VM9 renderless - but with this vid renderer mpg filez just look damn jerky. So i´ve to play .avi still with the old media player...