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Foobar translations.
(this is an email copy) Hi, my name is Marcelo Salas and i want to translate foobar2000 to spanish. I have translated many programs as FlashGet, Ad-Aware, 1by1 player, Mp3 DirecCut, StarDownloader and others, but many people is asking me for a translation of foobar2000, i want to do an official translation for foobar to spanish but i need two things: 1. your authorization, 2. a copy of foobar ready to be translated. Now, i´m tryin to translate foobar_lite version, it's almost finished but i still can´t find some strings that i need to tranlate and these are: menu and option tree. I can´t find all strings needed, i´m afraid you hide them for security but i need them to finish the work. Please help me to finish the foobar spanish translation, many people love the program and many more love the program but they don´t know how to configure it correctly because is in english. I hope you understand my opinion, many peolple would be happy with a spanish translation of the program...please latin america also exists.

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Foobar translations.
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Translations are not and will not be supported, tough luck. If you want to help people who can't speak english with using foobar2000, please set up a help/FAQ page in your native language instead.
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Foobar translations.
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Sorry if this is a stupid question for some reason, but why exactly don't you add some kinda support for those who want to make translations? I'm guessing it's because it would be too much trouble programming-wise, but I'm not a programmer :/

Foobar translations.
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I have a question, however, now the GUI is a component in 0.7, How would you feel if one created an alternative GUI in his/her native language?
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Foobar translations.
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You can write your own GUI in your own language (I seriously doubt Peter will give a damn), but all the components (and config pages) will still be in English.

Foobar translations.
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Ohh, yes, the components, I hadn't tougth about that.
So, the external GUI DLL doesn't contain the config pages and dialogs?
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Foobar translations.
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The interface DLL will contain its own config pages, but that's all.