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Flac exported in order of Playlist

Foobar2000 - I have playlists that I would like to export as Flac files to a USB stick to play in the car.  However, I want the tracks on the USB to play in the same order as on the playlist, without making any changes to the original Flac files.

I know this topic has been raised before, both on this forum and elsewhere, but I've never found a clear solution.

Any idea's?

Re: Flac exported in order of Playlist

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Name format (in converter or copy actions):
Code: [Select]
$num(%list_index%,4) - %track% - %title%
0001 - 01 - My track.flac
0002 - 09 - My track2.flac

Re: Flac exported in order of Playlist

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That works perfectly!

Thank you very much for the help  :)