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Musepack at 256kbps?

Yes I'm aware of TOS#8, But I'm curious how does MPC differ at 256kbps to other codecs since It subband based?.

Re: Musepack at 256kbps?

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My guess is that most (if not all) codecs are transparent at those rates. Certainly, there's no way I could ABX MP3/AAC/MPC at that rate.

Re: Musepack at 256kbps?

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If you do a search on this site from listening tests (older),  MPC is very good from 160kbps up.

Re: Musepack at 256kbps?

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In theory and there is a bit of evidence here and there;
The subband attribute + brute force ( profile  --insane or --quality 7.x )
would resolve any very rare issue or bring it down to almost zero.

So while the other codecs may have rare issues @ 256k that several people would
confirm, Same won't be as easy on MPC 240k . Perhaps even lower say the 'xtreme'
could be a contender. IMO I said it before even 'standard' level of MPC would equal
256 / 320k of the others - at least in the past.
wavpack -b2.9cs.5
lame --preset cd -f