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Topic: Does anybody know about a windows clipboard flavour name for FLAC in use? (Read 737 times) previous topic - next topic
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Does anybody know about a windows clipboard flavour name for FLAC in use?

Hi all,

As some of you might know, the FLAC format is being processed by an IETF working group to become an internationally recognized standard. Part of this process is FLAC being assigned a media type (also known as MIME-type by many): audio/flac. However, during review of the application, it was requested to include a UTI and a Windows Clipboard Flavour Name.

Now, apparently the latest macOS already includes a UTI for FLAC as one of its core types, apparently that is org.xiph.flac. If anyone can confirm that, that would be great.

Finding any Windows Clipboard Flavour Name already being in use by any program seems harder. As there are a lot of devs around here, does anybody know of any Windows program allowing copying/cutting/pasting of FLAC data? If so, what is the name being used to designate the clipboard contents?

If no-one knows of a name already being used, I suggest using audio/flac. Apparently for at least jpeg, gif and png, media types are also being used as clipboard format names/flavour names.
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