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track skipping, warping etc. on iOS

Today i moved a lot of new music onto my iPhone and started experiencing a new problem where everything sounds like a skipping CD (the files themselves are fine). Both FLAC and mp3 files behave this way, and all the skips are always at the same time for each file. I'm dumbfounded. The console shows no errors and I toggled the lookahead setting to see if it would make a difference somehow but no difference. I thought it may be a storage issue (I think if I move any more music onto my phone it will physically blow up lol) but even after removing most of it the issue persists. Where do I begin troubleshooting something like this?

Re: track skipping, warping etc. on iOS

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Alright, issue resolved a few days ago, I just remembered I should post my solution. I think there are bugs with FileZilla (at least on Linux) because when I used Thunar to transfer everything instead (letter-by-letter instead of all at once, which shouldn't make a difference but I'll say that anyway) everything turned out fine. hope that helps any readers