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The best quality/price multichan audio card
I'm just looking for a good audiocard (with an external box) with 8 in / 8 outs.
Please tell me which you consider the best in your opinion.
Remember that i have a low budget, so evaluations shouldn't be quality based *only*.
Thanks a lot.

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The best quality/price multichan audio card
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m audio 10 10 will meet with your approval i imagine, i've installed a couple for people with loads of live kit and the love it, i use the 410 myself, 2 analogue,spdif in, 8 analogue, spdif out, and so do several of my mates, they've all got rid of their soundblasters, and whatever else and gone for m audio, i think it's a "quality of sound for the price" type thing
however, if you've got the dosh, then the tc electronics powercore should rock your boat