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Description of Flac tag structure wanted

 I'd like to populate the flac tag (or edit it) with a VBA macro.
I found some info n the flac website but can't quite follow it.  Anyone have a better description?

Re: Description of Flac tag structure wanted

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Sounds like you want to manipulate the vorbis metadata. The Xiph spec leads you to the vorbis spec, excluding the framing bit aka only points 1 to 6 are relevant.

There's an IETF spec in progress, chapter 9.6 for the vorbis block. It leads you to this reference for a more comprehensive list of common tags in use.

If you know what little-endian and UTF8 is the IETF spec is as plain as can be. Looking at existing flac files in a hex editor and trying to manually decode them using the spec is a good way to learn the structure.

Re: Description of Flac tag structure wanted

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Is there some reason you need to manipulate the files directly instead of invoking a tool like metaflac?