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[Skin] NewMoon 1.0 and 1.0s


Thanks for the feedback on Nightowl 1.0, the skin I posted last time.
Here, I'd like to post new skins, NewMoon 1.0 and 1.0s.

In response to many requests for a pure black background skin for devices with OLED displays, such as the iPhone 14 Pro, I have created these skins.
Enjoy beautiful high-contrast and less power-consuming artwork display ;)
In addition, now you can choose how to display artwork for your preference: rounded corners -> 1.0, unrounded corners -> 1.0s (square).

Skin Name: NewMoon
Version: 1.0
Published Date: 2023/3/8 (in Japan)

  • Compatible with 20:9. 19.5:9, 16:9 aspect ratio: Pixel 7 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone SE 2, and etc.
  • No conflict with notches, punch holes, or dynamic island on the top of the display.
  • Simple and dark theme with pure black background.
  • Displaying album artwork, album title, release date, title, artist name, current playback position and total duration.
  • Designed for one-handed operation on a smartphone.

  • For iOS, locate the skin file (.fbskin) in the application folder via the iTunes file sharing function or the FTP sharing function of foobar2000 for mobile, etc. You will find "NewMoon" under Tools > Choose Skin > User Skins. Choose it.
  • For Android, locate the skin file (.fbskin) in internal memory or sd card. Select Tools > Choose Skin > ADD MORE > Open... and open the skin file. You will find "NewMoon" under Tools > Choose Skin > USER SKINS. Choose it. If you get "Access denied" error,  try installing foobar2000 for mobile v1.2 via .apk file.
  • For Mac (with Apple Sillicon), basic procedure is identical to the case of iOS but location of application folder is complicated. On my M2 MBA (2022), I found it under Macintosh HD > Users > "User Name" > Library > Containers > foobar2000 > Data > Documents. Locate the skin file (.fbskin) in the Documents folder.
  • For Windows 11, installation procedure is identical to the case of Android.

Details and Usage:
  • Artwork with 1:1 aspect ratio should be displayed with rounded corner (non-square artwork might not be displayed with rounded corner).
  • Too long titles or names will be truncated.
  • Ticks on the slider are for reference.
  • To open the menu, tap the title or artist name.
  • You can switch shuffle and/or repeat playback mode with buttons (single repeat cannot be selected with a button).

  • If you use a smartphone with an unsupported aspect ratio, or if you change the window size on a Mac or Windows, the intended display will not be obtained.
  • Supported aspect ratios may be added upon request. Planning to support the latest iPad series (i.e., 4:3).
  • Feedbacks on layout, coloring are welcome!!
  • Here is a github repository for this skin. You may use these raw files for non-commercial use. If you have adapted a skin to a device that the original does not support, please share the skin .txt file within this topic.


This original skin was made for personal use. Therefore, it is always fundamentally a BETA version.
Especially, I am not an Android user, so I have not tested my skin on Android smartphones, and I am not familiar with the specifications of Android-specific displaying function (e.g., home button).

If you have any requests or problems, please do not hesitate to report them.
The name of the device, specifications of the display, and information about the display area of the skin, which can be obtained from Tools > Console in foobar2000 for mobile, would be helpful.
I may accommodate your requests depending on my capacity.


Re: [Skin] NewMoon 1.0 and 1.0s

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Amazing skin! Works perfectly on my iPhone 13. Thank you!

Re: [Skin] NewMoon 1.0 and 1.0s

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Amazing skin! Works perfectly on my iPhone 13. Thank you!
Thanks for reporting!! Glad to hear my skin is working well on your phone.

Re: [Skin] NewMoon 1.0 and 1.0s

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This is a great improvement over NightOwl, but I wish everything was more centered, there is a huge gap on the bottom side. This is how it looks on my iPhone 14 Pro.

Re: [Skin] NewMoon 1.0 and 1.0s

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This is a really nice theme. Modern, yet it actually looks appealing. Great work!