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[Feature Request] Strict order of folders, not natural order

In my large music collection I make heavy use of a numerical hierarchy. My hierarchy assumes a strict sorting of numbers and not a natural. Foobar2000 on Android uses a natural order, which messes up my hierarchy. My feature request is to include an option for strict sorting of files and folders. Or even better: have a seperate option for files and folders. I would then choose strict order of folders and natural order of files.

An example of strict sorting I use:
2 **** POP MUSIC
21 Favorite pop music list
22.51 Road music
23 *** Decades
231 Music from the 60's
232 Music from the 70's
53 Schubert Piano music

Now, in Foobar2000 on Android the number 21 comes after 5. And 231 after 53. That is called 'natural' sorting and messes up my hierarchy, placing classical music between pop music. I want 5 with a space after it to come after 21, which is called 'strict' sorting.