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Eyesight aging badly

I now am installing fb2k on another laptop exclusively for playback over the network.
My eyesight is terrible so many of the adjustments I want to make are too difficult without an electron microscope!
(see attached)
The main screen fonts are already at 24pt. How do I get to see the rest with enlarged clarity.
This is the first part of many questions.

Re: Eyesight aging badly

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Everything worked BETTER than expected. You served as a reminder to my equally-aging brain what I needed to do. I can now see the setup stuff within fb2k by squinting which is good enough until all is setup. Once that is done, there will be little need.

Next question:
Where to I find a plugin that plays .dsf files?

Re: Eyesight aging badly

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Where to I find a plugin that plays .dsf files?
SACD Decoder (For Playing Super Audio CD ISO images, DSDIFF, DSF and DSD WavPack files. Direct DSD playback for compatible devices)
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Record Label Icons: 600x600 pngs appropriate for any color background:

Re: Eyesight aging badly

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thank you, JBW.

All done!


Re: Eyesight aging badly

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Hi Peter,
Thanks for your confirmation, but I should inform you again that you will need to set it in your player device, not in the dX-USB HD. For example, it’s like you make some settings in Foobar 2000 in Windows device, you will need to set it in the player program in your linux device.

Thank you.
Best regards, May

> I just realised that I can use Wine/Foobar2000 as I do in another computer to play DSD.
My main question then is; how do I change settings in the SOtM to work at 24/96?
A SOtM is a very high quality clock that goes between the laptop w Linux Mint 21.1 and Wine and a modded Musical Fidelity A324 DAC.
Is May saying that I need yet another player to make the SOtM work at the 24 bit level?