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Track number is stripped during file convert

When I did the convert manually that is, every action was a click, the track number stayed in the converted file. Now that I have created a keyboard shortcut to most of the actions the track number is stripped (see attached).
What am I doing wrong?

Re: Track number is stripped during file convert

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What are you using for your "Output style and file name formatting" in Destination in your converter profile?
Who are you and how did you get in here ?
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Re: Track number is stripped during file convert

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I got to that place (see attached). I don't know which one to choose OR how to save it.

Re: Track number is stripped during file convert

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I would've thought the "leave as is" would use the same as the source file, but maybe not...

In any case, select one of the "nn. title" options - nn is refering to tracknumber, while d is discnumber.

Or, you can just edit the box under 'Output style and file name formatting' : 'Name format' -

Code: [Select]
%tracknumber% - %title%

^ (Use a dash in between if you want)

Re: Track number is stripped during file convert

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In a moment of rare clarity I went back in to Convert, clicked on 'leave as is' and then clicked the save (to left) which asked whether I want to overwrite. I said 'yes' and voila, it looks like it's fixed.
This then maximises Foobar for my job. 99,999 albums to go!
Thank you one and all.

Re: Track number is stripped during file convert

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Look how I create nice and neat file names for my pretty consistently tagged classical music :D Has to be dumped into a proper editor with syntax highlighting every time I rework it.

There's some interesting parts maybe for you and others, e.g. Track numbers in file names will have either 2 digits or if >99 tracks n digits (n=length of %totaltracks%) - Also, I make abbreviations of orchestra names and change "Anton Bruckner" to "Bruckner, Anton" .
May remove some crazy replacements because later I decided to use $ascii anyway.

Code: [Select]
$if(%INSERTFOLDER_FLAT%,$puts(iff,%INSERTFOLDER_FLAT%))$puts(spc,$strrchr(%composer%, ))$puts(comp_u,$if2(%artist_s%,%composer%))$if(%artist_s%,$puts(com,%artist_s%),$puts(com,$ascii($substr(%composer%,$add($get(spc),1),999)', '$left(%composer%,$get(spc)))))$puts(ttl,$trim($left($if2($meta(title),%work%),40)))$puts(wo,$trim($left($if2(%work%,%album%),40)))$if(%conductor%,$puts(con,$trim($substr(%conductor%,$strrchr(%conductor%, ),999))))$if(%performer%,$puts(per,$trim($substr(%performer%,$strrchr(%performer%, ),999))))$if($or(%ensemble%,%performer%),$puts(ens,$if2($upper($abbr(%ensemble%)),$get(per))))$if($and($get(con),$get(ens)),$puts(cens,'('$get(con) - $get(ens)')'),$if($or($get(con),$get(ens)),$puts(cens,'('$if2($get(con),$get(ens))')')))$if(%TOTALDISCS%,$puts(dscn,$num(%DISCNUMBER%,$len($num(%TOTALDISCS%,1)))))$if(%TOTALTRACKS%,$puts(trkn,$tracknumber($max(2,$len($num(%totaltracks%,1))))),$puts(trkn,$tracknumber(2)))$get(com)\[%INSERTFOLDER%\]$trim($replace($replace($replace($ascii($if2($get(iff),$get(wo)[ $get(cens)])\$if($get(iff),,[$get(dscn).]$get(trkn)'. ')$get(ttl)$if($get(iff),[ $get(cens)],)),'No. 0 ','No. 00 ','No. 1 ','No. 01 ','No. 2 ','No. 02 ','No. 3 ','No. 03 ','No. 4 ','No. 04 ','No. 5 ','No. 05 ','No. 6 ','No. 06 ','No. 7 ','No. 07 ','No. 8 ','No. 08 ','No. 9 ','No. 09 ','No. 0,','No. 00,','No. 1,','No. 01,','No. 2,','No. 02,','No. 3,','No. 03,','No. 4,','No. 04,','No. 5,','No. 05,','No. 6,','No. 06,','No. 7,','No. 07,','No. 8,','No. 08,','No. 9,','No. 09,'),'µ','mu','&',,'{','(','}',')','*',,'$','','#','',':','.','?',,'!','.','=','-','<',,'>',,'/',,'\\',,';',),'   ',' ','  ',' '))

Example result:
..\Braga Santos, Joly\Symphony No. 04 (Cassuto - NSOOI)\03. II. Andante.m4a