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.bat files aren't working in converter in v2

For example such converter preset using .bat file.

Text in .bat file:
Code: [Select]
"%~dp0lossywav.exe" "%~dp1%~nx1" -q %3 --silent --stdout|"%~dp0flac.exe" - --ignore-chunk-sizes -8 -b 512 -o "%~dp1%~nx2"
.exe files are where they must be.
It is working as expected in 1.6.12, but it doesn't work in v2.


Re: .bat files aren't working in converter in v2

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I wish this forum worked like it did before, showing multiple pages of last topics and posts since last visit. Threads can go unnoticed at least for me when they drop out of the portal.

marc2k3's solution is a good method guaranteed to always work.

There seems to be a change in behavior in converter since foobar2000 v2.0 that batch file is called only by name and not by full path so it only works when it's found in %PATH%.

PS: I'd recommend renaming your lossyWAV.bat to lossyFLAC as it is hardcoded to use FLAC. Also it has a bug, last part should be "%~dp2%~nx2" instead of "%~dp1%~nx2", otherwise it will create the encodes in the source directory and not in the specified target directory. Doesn't affect foobar2000 the way it's used now, but you may want to use it outside foobar too.

Re: .bat files aren't working in converter in v2

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