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Re: The CD Is Now 40 Years Old

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No pre-emphasis.  They used Japan to make the first wave.
That's the one I have.
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Re: The CD Is Now 40 Years Old

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Digged out this gem:
Rickie Lee Jones – Rickie Lee Jones (Vinyl 1979) (Digital release 1983)
Long time since I listened to this, damn good music, and what a brilliant bunch of musicians!  8)
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Re: The CD Is Now 40 Years Old

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My first CD was a reissue: Cream's Disraeli Gears. I was a kid into old music. I had bought tapes before then and still did as I could better afford them. Later I got some vinyl in two categories: stuff that had not been released on CD and stuff I didn't want to pay CD prices for.

I think I have one album that has suffered from CD rot: Cocteau Twins' Treasure. I wound up buying a second copy used that also had at least one visible hole in the silver, but it was in a different spot than in the first. So I did get a good rip from the combination.

Now I just buy FLAC downloads, hi-def if available. Two things led me to this: first, I filled up my CD shelf and decided that I wasn't going to devote any more furniture to the things. We're talking notebooks of 8-disc sleeves here. And second, I absent-mindedly bought a set of Bach cantatas figuring from the price that it was probably 5–6 discs or thereabouts. Nope, 22! After ripping all that and fixing all the tags, my enthusiasm for further ripping fell off dramatically. However, I did learn the ALT+ codes for all the umlauts.

Re: The CD Is Now 40 Years Old

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Anyone having one of these 1st CDs? How does it rip/play today?
The fist CDs I bought were on Saturday April 2, 1983. I had picked up my CDP-101 (serial number 152) the night before at American TV in Madison WI just before closing time and had no discs. The discs were $18 each, I was making $13.50 back then. The player MSRP was $900 and I got mine for $750 and had pre-ordered it in January. I already had a Technics SVP-100 14 bit EIAJ digital recorder, 44.1 K Sample. I bought 6 discs that day out of a selection of 11 titles. After listening to them I went back and bought 4 more but did not buy Springsteen Born in the USA. I really wish I had anyway but I had already spent nearly 2 weeks of my gross pay. ALL the discs then were DDD and in magazines they were called DAD for Digital Audio Disc but the discs themselves are Compact Disc Digital Audio and were manufactured in Japan by CBS/Sony. I just pulled out one of the originals and it's playing just fine. I ripped it again for fun and was surprised that the maximum RMS power is -11.5 dB and the highest peak at -3dB. None of the Columbia Msterworks had pre-emphasis. In fact I only own 2 discs (that I know of) with pre-emphasis.

Re: The CD Is Now 40 Years Old

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I recently ripped a couple of very early 1982 discs.

CBS/Sony YEDS 1 - A demonstration disc that is said to predate the launch of the format and was included with some of the first players.

38DG 1 "The SL Sound in Digital" - Billy Joel's 52nd Street wasn't the only launch day release to have a catalog number of "1"
38DG was the CBS/Sony catalog number for the "oddball" recordings. This one is digital field recordings of steam locomotives, and features a gold tint on the top side of the disc as is also present on all the earliest copies of the other launch titles (with the curious exception of the 38DC digitally recorded classical titles, which never seem to have had gold tinted versions- at least none I've ever seen)

I am still looking for (affordable) early copies of the Billy Joel 35DP 1, the classical 38DC 1, and whatever "1"s also came out on the other catalog number prefixes which I can't recall... I'd settle for rips with scans as the next best thing, but they don't seem to circulate.