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Just Sharing Happiness

  DUI plus Jscript 3 is good enough for me, and more easy for newbie like me.
What is D Ui? (other than driving under the influence which is something you don't want to be caught doing.)

Yes. This is very cool! I don't know why I just kept resurrecting old stuff. It really is probably better to start fresh if you haven't messed w/ foobar2000 in a while. It's fun. I've been staring at CSS, PHP, and etc for so many days in a row, trying to find a job before i'm evicted, i should not be playing on foob2000, but wth.

Just to share something I used to use. It's got a lot of buttons, but I can't find the icons i don't think, and :sigh: you know how foobar doesn't like to export a theme if icons are missing. So, i've migrated systems a few times since that was on my "C:" drive. haha. I think that theme has finally died. No more mapping drive letters, etc. There's got to be a better way! Start over!

i thought it was supposed to be [ img ] hyperlink:// [ / img ] , but that never gives the thumb, or the link (not here, but elsewhere at least. and here too) sorry for that. mods, please feel free to remove. it's okay w/ me if it stays.
Imgr-URL because i can't remember BBCode anymore.

Just sharing my joy over getting back to it. I know a lot more about code n stuff now, so this seems a lot less challenging, or... it wasn't challenging before, but now it feels like, oh, why did that seem difficult before? Point is, foobar2000 really is cool. For an audiophile. So grateful that whomever continues the development. I have a friend who programmed some of Sonic Foundry's first software (Acid, and Vegas which were shortly thereafter acquired by Sony, so he was then a Sony emp. but, I digress. he's just a lonely weekend musician like me. i suppose we're not altogether unhappy.). 

Point being -- i know... no... i've seen, as i would not presume to know from experience, how much is involved in making good software, and all of the advanced physics and etc. Someone knows what they're doing here.

Somehow throughout the course of the day, and waiting for the job application-applications to load, I managed to transfer some digital media to the web-o-sphere for sharing.
So, it's important to me to remark to those who matter that this is how much I truly was inspired by foobar2000 today. I didn't even realize it until it had been done. :D

Lastfm as PSU_Strummer. i used to play guitar on stage. that was fun. now i enjoy listening to it on foobar2000

Re: Just Sharing Happiness

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I have to elaborate. messing w/ foobar and going through my old library [yes, of the same old stuff i've gone through for 20 years] that I came across something I hadn't heard in so long. So much was my delight that I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to add meta data to these tracks. (have you ever tried BEETS - or commandline $ beet . that's pretty wild!) Back in the early 2000's, my band was nominated for [ some irrelevant contest ] and they posted the top 50 nominees on a web site w/ mp3's. So, that's what I was doing. Enjoying how good those bands were really. Ha, i was probably jealous at the time and didn't appreciate it, but it actually sounds really good. Some of them at least. I think the winning artist was Moe Laughren (sp?). i thought Alice Lee was better.

For me, one thing always leads to another, but it started w/ foobar today. Thank you for that!

Sorry for the shameless self promotion. Don't worry. I have to get back to work.
Lastfm as PSU_Strummer. i used to play guitar on stage. that was fun. now i enjoy listening to it on foobar2000