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[v2] Stop after album

I have a component request for foobar2000 v2: Stop after album.
Activate stop after current, if the condition TRACKNUMBER = TOTALTRACKS is fulfilled.
I retired my project.

Re: [v2] component request: Stop after album

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Did it myself.

Component 64 bit:: foo_stopafteralbum 1.0

Main Menu command "Playback/Stop after album" (toggle)

Re: [v2] component request: Stop after album

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Suggestions for improvements:

check an album tag is present
check tracknumber and totaltracks are numeric. (pfc::string_is_numeric)

Currently, tracks missing all those tags enable stop after current. You shouldn't have to toggle the component off before playing those tracks.

Re: [v2] Stop after album

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The "stop after album" seems like a good idea and something I would use.  Thanks for making the component.

However, I sometimes am listening to untagged files.  (For example, I won't tag them because it would break the torrent.) 

These files are always organized in folders. It seems to me that, if there is no TOTALTRACKS tag, the fallback behavior could be: stop when the next track is in a different folder than the previous track.