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All CUETools encoders

Hi there.

I would like to collect the files responsible for all CUETools 2.2.2 encoders and save them in a different directory, dedicatedly inside my portable installation of foobar2000.

Could someone please tell me precisely what these files are?

Thanks in advance.

Re: All CUETools encoders

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AFAIK foobar2000 uses command-line executable (.exe) files for encoding.

CUETools uses dynamic-link library (.dll) files for the internal encoders.
CUETools can also use command-line executable encoders that support standard input (stdin) but these are the responsibility of the user to download (including dependencies). Some can be found here on HA, some in the Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase, rarewares, the foobar2000 Free Encoder Pack, or just do a Google search.

The CUETools package does contain a few command-line executable encoders that have dependencies on other files in the package. To use one of these encoders outside of the CUETools folder you would need to copy the dependencies along with the .exe.

dependencies for CUETools.FLACCL.cmd.exe
dependencies for CUETools.Flake.exe
dependencies for CUETools.ALACEnc.exe
from the CUETools folder
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and from the plugins folder
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Re: All CUETools encoders

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Thank you very much!