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foobar2000 v2 service issue

I tried the latest public 2.0 sdk and build a x86 version, my component crashes when startup using foobar2000 v2(x86). It seems foobar2000 call my impl servcie when core_api::is_service_available return false. Anything I missed? here is my code:
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class my_mainmenu_commands : public mainmenu_commands_v2
    GUID get_command(uint32_t p_index) override
        return hasher_md5::get()->process_single_string(...).asGUID(); // ASSERT failed when get service pointer

P.S The built component works in 1.6.x

Re: foobar2000 v2 service issue

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Thanks for reporting.
Problem noted, will look into for the next beta.
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