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Sound Issue on Windows Movie Maker

Good morning friends, recently I am having an audio issue on my Windows 10 computer while importing a video. The Windows movie maker audio does not work perfectly. When I import a video, there is some kind of audio issue is having. The problem is I cant hear anything after completing the editing. I have no idea why this happens. Does anyone have any idea about how can I able to fix it?

Re: Sound Issue on Windows Movie Maker

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Friends, in this article they suggested some methods. But I am utterly confused about getting this solution (Windows Live Essentials  Installation) from there. If anyone suggests if this article might be helpful or not, then I will try it to access.

Re: Sound Issue on Windows Movie Maker

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...I've never used Movie Maker.

Does the audio play when you open it in Movie Maker before editing?   If the audio doesn't work at all in MM, it may be a format that MM doesn't support.    There are LOTS of audio/video formats!    If you're not sure about the Audio/Video format you can check it with MediaInfoOnline.  I don't know  what formats MM supports, but I think it's limited.

Or sometimes there are issues with the audio/video multiplexing (mixing the audio & video in one file).  This is more common with the highly-compressed formats.  You can try converting to a less-compressed format.  Most A/V formats use lossy compression so ideally you should avoid extra-unnecessary conversion,* but in this case it might be necessary...    XMedia Recode (FREE) can do all kinds of A/V conversions.     (It's not user-friendly but it's a powerful tool.)   VLC (FREE) can also convert A/V files.   It can open & play almost any format so it should be able to convert from almost any format, but the to formats may be more limited.

Or there are other free video editors and if you search you can find more.  I haven't used those either.  I've used Cyberlink Power Director, Corel Video Studio, and another more obscure one.

* Usually when you edit an audio or video file it gets decompressed (it has to be decompressed so you can play it).   Then when you export the edited file it gets compressed again so you're going through another generation of lossy compression and there is some quality loss.  (The quality loss isn't necessarily noticeable, but it's something to be aware of.)   But some video editors have "smart render" so that any parts that are not edited are re-spliced with the edited parts, so depending on what you are doing only the edited parts will be degraded.