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(Request) consider adding per monitor-dpi awardness


It has been a long time since foobar2000 gained DPI awareness. Today I would like to point my finger at something else that have been bothering me for the last few years.

I have dual monitor setup. My main monitor is 24" with 3840x2160 resolution, so I'm running it at 200% windows scaling. My secondary monitor is also 24" however only 1920x1080 so it runs at standard 100% scaling.

foobar2000 is DPI aware and scales properly on my main monitor. Problem occurs when I drag and drop it onto my secondary monitor. It does not scale properly back down to 100% and as a result I end up with blurry scaled-down interface. See screenshots below for comparison. Left is my 1080p screen, and right is 2160p.
*I know I am running columns UI however it is not the problem here. The same blurry scaling down occurs with Default User Interface.

I have 4k monitor since 2015 and remember seeing software slowly adapting to high-dpi scaling. Foobar2000 is almost perfect when it comes to scaling, and multi-dpi support is last thing it needs to be completely perfect.

From top of my head, other software out there that now supports multi-dpi properly is Windows' File Explorer, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Most of Microsoft Office apps, or Discord.

As a user of foobar2000 since 2007/2008, it would be nice to have this feature added to make dpi support 'perfect'.

Re: (Request) consider adding per monitor-dpi awardness

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Indeed, as long time foobar2000/multi-monitor user I would also love to see this finally get resolved (I specifically registered on the forum to lookup and +1 this issue).