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Self Hosted foobar2000 alternatives

Hi all,

I'm new here.

I want to open a discussion about self-hosted audio players. I am currently building a small scale home lab on top of my custom NAS server. I'm running TrueNAS (FreeBSD) with a few plugins (namely Plex, Deluge), and want to play my music collection in the browser.

Have anyone tried running VLC server? Have you got a suggestion on what open / free software there is that can satisfy these needs?


Re: Self Hosted foobar2000 alternatives

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I have come to like Emby as my media server of choice for personal audio browsing and playback when not on the computer. The web application does a decent enough job for searching, browsing and playback. Then there is a good Android client.

And for library maintenance, I can keep my foobar2000-based workflow. Emby's Media Scanner does not interfere on the filesystem level and simply scans what is there.

On clients that can run foobar2000 (Win or through Wine), nothing can compete with its media library for me, though.