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Problem with .dsf

Please advise me on how to solve the problem with the file .dsf. Every time I listen to a file .dsf, when the song ends it turns me off Foobar2000. Is there any solution to this ? Thank you in advance for your help

Re: Problem with .dsf

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Problem description unclear:
when the song ends it turns me off Foobar2000
What you have written could be read as you are aroused when the song plays, and when it ends you don't want to fondle your foobar anymore. Sounds like you have found yourself music for your taste, not that there's anything wrong with that ;-)

Now on a serious note:
* how did you obtain the file (if you extracted it from an ISO or something, ... with what?)
* what components have you installed
* what is expected behaviour and what is observed behaviour
* what have you attempted to do to play it in other software

Have you tried it with WavPack? or if you are new at it: get WavPack (possibly through the foobar2000 free encoder pack), and drag and drop your .dsf onto the wavpack.exe file.
Then try to play the resulting .wv file in foobar2000. What happens?
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