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Show Main Folder Art on interface

Hello and thank you for any support. Does anybody know how to display the master Folder.jpg art onto the interface? i.e. the black and white picture of Dido to be displayed on the artist list...

Re: Show Main Folder Art on interface

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You're using Front for each album folder so you need to pick one of the other available types. From File>Preferences>Display>Album Art you could choose the Artist tab and add this....

Code: [Select]

Then I assume you can choose Artist from the facets options but I can't remember exactly where as I don't use it.

Re: Show Main Folder Art on interface

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Thank you, kind Sir!!! I am not Foobar literate and capability is 'novice'.
A little bit of progress although it falls down where you have additional subfolders.
You will see PJ Harvey that the parent folder (image is now coming from 'artist') and the second element is listing the albums as they are within the parent folder (image is now coming from 'front').
It all falls down when there are additional subfolders as per the Beatles. I have tried changing the image source across the folders down no avail. I have also tried ..\folder.jpg (in the different folders or in all folder sources)

Any more help would be appreciated.


Re: Show Main Folder Art on interface

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Hi there,

There are a few ways to handle it, but it depends on your tags and/or folder structure and folder names...

(As before, the following codes would all be entered in File > Preferences > Display > under Album Art > Artist tab)

1. Do you have a 'Folder.jpg' in the 'Music' root folder? If not, try two lines similar to what marc2k suggested -

Code: [Select]

This might work because foobar uses the first image it finds. It looks in the folder relative to where the selected/playing music files are. So, if music files are in a 'Disc 1' sub-folder, the first line is correct - two folders up is the 'Artist' folder. But if music files are in the 'Album' folder, the first line would find no such image in the 'Music' folder (hopefully), instead the second line would find the 'Artist' folder image - one folder up.

2. Alternate way. Do you have DISCNUMBER tags, which are only present on multi-disc albums? (I think standard tagging practice is that single-disc albums should not have a DISCNUMBER or TOTALDISCS tags). If so, try this -

Code: [Select]

Similar idea. By default, it looks one folder up to the 'Artist' folder. However if DISCNUMBER tag is present, it adds an extra ..\ to look two folders up.

I suggest try the above ways first or make them work, however there other ways if these are not suitable... (but need more information, complete path and folder names would be helpful)

Note that Facets and SimPlaylist are both very picky about displaying art due to grouping. The grouping of tracks that you want an image for needs to ALL (every track) point to the same image file. If even one track points to different image file, you'll get the blank or "stub" (no art found) image. So depending on your tagging and music file location, you might have problems getting art to show for every artist. And also because foobar only uses the first image it finds.

The problem is worse with collaboration albums from two or more artists, featured artists, etc, especially if you want them listed under the individual artist names (multi-value split, i.e. %<artist>%). Just something to keep in mind with these two components.


Re: Show Main Folder Art on interface

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My friend(s) you are star! Have it all working now, it was all about having enough ..\..\..\..\
Another question if you could be so kind, is it possible to increase the size of the art in the elements?

Re: Show Main Folder Art on interface

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Thank you!