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Interesting phono cartridge
I was reading about an interesting type of phono cartridge (called 'strain gauge') from the 1960's/70's on another forum.  Apparently these cartridges modulated an externally applied DC voltage rather than generating a weak voltage like mm and mc carts (unless I'm not getting the right impression):

I suppose it's a bit too late in the analog game to talk about bringing this idea back, but nonetheless I find it fascinating... there's almost nothing on the Web as far as further infos (almost nobody else has heard of this, I assume...  ).  Hey, if it can't be found via Google it has to be interesting... 
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Bring back dynamic range...

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Interesting phono cartridge
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It reminds me of piezo cartridges. Exept that piezo cartridges generate themselves a voltage, unless maybe the voltage is too low and this system is actually the piezo one.
Piezo cartridges are the worst of all. They were used in portable "Teppaz" turntables.