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Topic: Mogi Grumbles butchered the album End of Line (Read 752 times) previous topic - next topic
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Mogi Grumbles butchered the album End of Line

Meh, I just legitimized this album because I found my MP3 copy was missing the iTunSMPB tags, so I thought that's why it had gaps. Nope, the FLAC version I bought from Bandcamp has gaps too. Meh.

I ended up running it through Case's foobar2000 Gap Killer, which wasn't enough, so then I added the Fake Gapless DSP. That seems to have fixed it. I converted the result to ALAC and MP3 320 for testing purposes, and it plays fine.

Re: Mogi Grumbles butchered the album End of Line

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Ah, my bad, they did sort of notice that. Apparently they're making a remaster of the album to fix issues like this, and will release it for free on Bandcamp, like this one was already. I'll grab the remaster for free, because I already gave them some money for the original now.