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Connect LG DSN4 through HDMI ARC

Hello everyone. New to HDMI ARC and sound bards, and I am not sure I understand

I have an LG TV (55UM7000PLC), and an LG SB (Soundbar DSN4).

The TV comes with 3 HDMI IN ports. HDMI 1 IN, HDMI 2 IN (ARC), and HDMI 3 IN.

I have an XBOX Series X, a Switch, and a Fire TV on each one of those. Like this:

The manual, says that I need to connect the TV HDMI IN ARC to the SB HDMI OUT (TV ARC), and then the other gadgets as normal to the HDMI IN in the TV.

I understand it like this:

Do I understand it correctly?


Re: Connect LG DSN4 through HDMI ARC

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Yes. You may have to check for audio/video sync/latency, but it should work if both devices support the HDMI v1.4+ standard.

Re: Connect LG DSN4 through HDMI ARC

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