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[span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%']What is foo_temple about?[/span]

Think of an party where the music comes from one big playlist which is played in random order. After playing random music for some hours  one of your guest wants to hear 2-3 special songs. What would you do? Move them to another playlist, switch the order to repeat, standing next to the machine and switching the playlist back after the special songs are over? Yes, you could do this but the better way would be using foo_temple

It provides a temporary playlist where you can add songs. This songs then get played and when they are over foobar continue with the normal playing mode

(I hope you get it, english isn't my mother tongue  )

[span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%']How to use foo_temple?[/span]

since 0.8.8
The way it works has changed, it doesn't use an own playback order drop down list. To activate the plugin you have to set playback order to "Enqueue", if the list is empty it switches back to the previous selected playmode. Just play around with it, i think is easy to use.
The plugin has now a DSP compatibility mode which can be activated in the preference dialog. It only works if the next song is in the active playlist, otherwise it uses the old method witch doesn't

before 0.8.8
This plugin is only active when the 'Enqueue' playback oder is active.
If no song is in the enqueue list the plugin will use the playback order which is selected via the dropdown box in the enqueue plugin window.
If there is a song (or more than one) in the enqueue list and the 'Enabled' switch is enabled than this songs will be played. If they are all over the playback with the selected order will continue.
Just play around with it, it's really easy
If you want 'Enqueue file(s)' or 'Toggle enqueue' as a shortcut just go to the shortcut config page and search for the '[context / playlist] Enqueue file(s)' or '[context / playlist] Toggle List' items.

To make keyboard shortcuts look at the keyboard preferences for '[context / playlist] Enqueue file(s)' and '[context / playlist] Toogle List'

For those who use [Next or Random], please use [Next (depend on order)] it will work better

[span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%']Download[/span]

newest version:
foo_temple 0.8.9  (24.10.2004)

older versions (not recommend):
foo_temple  (22.10.2004)
foo_temple  (22.10.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.8  (22.10.2004)
foo_temple  (09.07.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.5  (06.07.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.4  (05.07.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.2  (03.07.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.0  (02.07.2004)
foo_temple 0.7.6  (23.06.2004)

[span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%']Source[/span]
foo_temple 0.8.9 source  (24.10.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.8 source  (22.10.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.4 source  (05.07.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.3 source  (05.07.2004)
foo_temple 0.8.0 source  (01.07.2004)
foo_temple 0.7.6 source  (01.07.2004)

[span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%']News[/span]
known bug for 0.8.8 and newer: Activating the DSP compatibility mode sometimes brakes the 'Update Playlist Position'.

-> 0.8.9 released
Added support for ui columns. It's not perfect yet but it works most of the time.

Don't try to open 2 extensions of it (with uie_tabs), I am pretty sure that strange things will happen.

-> released
Since I changed a lot of internal things I decided to release this version witout no big new features, because it needs some testing. Bugreports are very welcome, so if you find something please let me now.

-> released
The 'close list after last song' option should work again

-> 0.8.8 released
I finally managed to work on this plugin again (better late then never  ), so here is the newest version with some new features:
- The internal playback order drop down thing is gone, see above
- Option to stop playback after last song in enqueue list
- DSP compatibility mode
What DSP compatibility mode does:
There was a problem in prior version with DSP plugins, e.g. foo_dsound_ex doesn't fade between two songs. The DSP compatibility mode of 0.8.8 version makes these kind of plugin work as they should, as long as the next song from the enqueue list is in the active playlist.
All other DSP plugins like Resampler and stuff will (and have) always work, this is just for DSP plugins which do sth. between two tracks.

Because of the long development pause I bet there are some bugs in this release so if you find something please tell.

-> released
In the playback sometimes stopped, hope this is fixed now

-> 0.8.6 released
hm, pretty much additions, don't know where to start
- Rewritten large parts of the source code -> easier to maintain and faster/safer/better/...
- Added a 'PLayback/Enable enqueue' menu item so the plugin can be enabled/disabled with a shortcut
- The list can be closed with Escape
- The highlighted songs can be played with Enter
- fixed the '- If foobar is minimized when the last song in the enqueue list is played, the list will not autohide.' bug
- Reorganized/renamed config page:
    -- New 'Enable enqueue' when songs are added function
    -- New 'Set Playback Order to Enqueue' when songs are added
    -- New 'Focus window or not' function added

I hope that I haven't forgot anything

-> 0.8.5 released
- cleaned up the config dialog
- added [next (depend on order)] command as a replacement to [next or random]
- the list is saved between sessions (still alpha, you have to enable it in the config dialog)
- some other things I forgot
- the usual bugfixing

-> 0.8.4 released - UPDATE is strongly recommend
- fixed (hopefully) the way metadb_handles are treated and stored, foobar2000 should no longer crash on exit  (Thanks to Phi for helping me  )
- the title bar now shows the number of enqueued songs
- depending on the number of selected songs in foobar2000 context menu its label is now either "Enqueue file" or "Enqueue files"

-> 0.8.3 released
- the status-bar-isn't-updated bug is fixed (hopefully)
- added a playback order dropdownlist to the configpage (this is just for you anza  )
- general bugfixing and tuning
- i got 2 times a 'virtual function error' after closing foobar2000 but i could not reproduce it. if you encounter this then please report

-> 0.8.2 released
Found some more free time (programming is so much more fun than learning  )
3 Things have changed:
- I've rewritten large parts: no new features, just easier to maintain the code
- The 'Format String' now works in realtime, try it with some songs enqueued
- something hard to explain, here an example from upNorth:
Key: played -> enqueued -> after finished queue
Old: 1,2,3,4,5 -> 120 -> 6,7,8,9
New: 1,2,3,4,5 -> 120 -> 121, 122,123,124

With enabling one of the two new options you can enforce the 'new' behavior (I'm to tired to explain it further, just give it a try and you will find out)

-> 0.8 released
I finally found some free minutes and rewrote the 'core function' of foo_temple: It's now a playback order. Just select 'Enqueue' in the order menu and play around with it.

Many thanks to Phi, it was his idea which I implemented

With this new release many of the old problems should be gone, but it's far from being perfect. If you find some bugs or have some suggestions then post here in this thread.

(There is a problem with foo_scroll: The last song in the enqueue list will be played twice. If you don't like this then disable foo_scroll for the moment, I will look into this problem)

->0.7.6 source released
Due to my lack of free time i've released the sourcecode, but don't laugh at me if you look at it, it's somewhat strange and n00bish
You can do whatever you want to, its released under 'i don't care what you do with it'-license

-> 0.7.6 released
- context menu problem on multi monitor system possibly fixed, can someone validate this? (because i only have one monitor)
- the complete foobar context menu is now available

-> released
- The minimum window size of the list has gone

-> 0.7.5 released
- You can now use your own Format String instead of %_filename%
- DEL deletes entries in the list
- Doubleklick on an entry will play it
- You can choose wether the temp. list becomes activated or not when 'Toogle List' is used

-> 0.7.1 released
I think I have fixed the window-is-gone bug

-> 0.7 released
This is the first version after a long time. The custom color support has gone for a while but one important thins was added:

foo_temple no longer relies on the playlist position of a song but it now uses internal handles. This way you could move songs around an switch playlist and the whole thing still works


Reply #1
I don't see a thing. It does show up in components list (latest foobar beta). What does this specifically do, again?


Reply #2
how to use it:
use the "Show|Hide List" and "Enqueue File(s)"  in the context menu.

what it does:
you can add some songs to the temp. list. foobar then plays this songs and afterwards it continue with the normal playmode. it's very handy if you have a big playlist and there are a few songs you want you want to hear next without creating a new playlist


Reply #3
beta 0.2 is out, now the window position und window state is saved

download: see first post in this thread


Reply #4
Very nice 
Only problem I see is that the name "foo_enqueue.dll" is allready taken by Mark Paschal for his Enqueue Next plugin.

Some ideas after a short test:
*Don't use playlist number as a reference to enqueue files.
*Move the "Show|hide" to the components menu.
*Ability to keep the window open after the last song.
*Preferences page with formatting support.
*Background color and font support.
*Ability to play a track when double clicking it in playlist, even though there are more tracks in queue. Just let them wait for their turn.
*Rearranging and removing entries in the enqueue list
*Checkbox to decide if the playlist should jump to the spot where the next track in queue is located, when it starts playing.

Only ideas, not expecting you to add them right away.

Btw: I find the two checkbox features very useful.
Thanks alot for this plugin, I have waited a long time for something like this 

Added more ideas. No pressure, just use the ones you like, if any...


Reply #5
Great start!

Here's a bug: when I hit play after it's already playing to change to the next enqueued song, it plays about 1-2 seconds of the highlighted song (in the playlist) before changing to the enqueued song.  My config is entirely default.



Reply #6
what i like to see..

drag n drop from playlist to enqueuelist and move delete etc.
formating support like in standard ui (with font and bg color support)
Move the "Show|hide" to the components menu. (dynamic if it is viseble = hide templist and if not show templist)

nice module... i like it a lot


Reply #7
instead of going to vacation i'm sitting here with a sore throat

new version is up (url: see first post):

- new name
- context menu is working
- hide list after last song - checkbox
- integrated in the components menu
- some more bugs


Reply #8
Cool plugin!  Hoping to see upNorth's suggestions, but it works fine enough already (but needs at least those things to get on my "regularly used plugins" -list)


Reply #9
Quite nice.  Does not seem to remember current playlist position for me though.  Regardless wether playlist follow cursor in playlist menu is enabled or not. 

I always have to reset the cursor back to the position of that last song in the main playlist after enqueuing.  Wich is a bit of a hassle since you obviously have to change selection when enqueuing songs.

Could be I overlooked something though.

Sucks about the the sore throat  .  Hope you get better.


Reply #10
* A two line config at the bottom, is a little too much for my taste and small screen (1024x768). A config in preferences would do for me, or at least not more than one line in the window.

* Have a look at the spelling of the word "Toggle" in the menues

Still a nice plugin though, thanks 


Reply #11
This is a pretty cool plugin.

One feature request I'd like to see, if possible: Enqueue from other windows (e.g., Album List, Extended Search, etc.).  That would be killer, but I don't know how easy/possible it is.


Reply #12
One feature request I'd like to see, if possible: Enqueue from other windows (e.g., Album List, Extended Search, etc.).  That would be killer, but I don't know how easy/possible it is.

@janjan: use data that is supplied with perform_command() instead of using the playlist selection.


Reply #13
Great Start, look forward to future versions


Reply #14
0.5 is up

- custom color and font support
- a configuration page
- corrected a few bugs
- added a few more bugs

things that still sucks:
- uses the playlist position as reference to a file, if you move the file it does't work correctly
- i'm using play_callback to change the playback an this is not the best way to do it
- Enqueue from other windows (e.g., Album List, Extended Search, etc.) does't work
- the ownerdraw listbox isn't fully optimized, it flickers a lot if you resize it
- ...

i think i will rewrite it from scratch, the only problem is that i'm in c++ programming for about 4 weeks and it's quite hard for me to understand the SDK. i hardly get how to use metadb, playlist_oper, playback_flow_control. and stuff like that.

perhaps someone who understand the SDK better then me could give a short summary of the most important techniques/methods and the general way how foobar works internally, this would help me a lot.


Reply #15
Feature request: "Stop playback after enqueue list is empty".


Reply #16
variables are cool:

1. play song x.
2. enqueue another song, y.
3. before song x is done, double click a third song, z, to play.

z plays for 2 seconds and then it goes to y.

personally, it seems like it would make sense if it let z play, and only went to y after x was done.  no?

also, is there some way you could have the plugin just mimic whatever color scheme you're using in foobar?  seems like that would be super-handy.

loooove the plugin so far.

[edit... upNorth already mentioned my first point, far more succinctly too.  oops.]


Reply #17
Any updates?


Reply #18
Ok, cool plugin

any chance of you making a plugin that makes a (perhaps temp) playlist that scans a given dir/path and adds new files to it on startup/when asked to ?

EDIT: the name of the playlist should be given a logical name, such as path or dir


Reply #19
I guess it's my turn to bring this up -- thanks, great plugin!

However (), are we going to see updates? For example, the enqueue command affects only the tracks selected in the main playlist, making it impossible to enqueue via the foo_dbsearch plugin (which would be a _nice_ option).

Well, anyway, thanks again for this plugin.


Reply #20
I really like this plug-in, though one thing I dislike is pop-ups...can't the "enqueued-songs" list merge at the bottom of the regular foobar-playlist? Making it look something like this:



Reply #21
I really like this plug-in, though one thing I dislike is pop-ups...can't the "enqueued-songs" list merge at the bottom of the regular foobar-playlist?

No, not without violating forum rule #15 or reimplementing the standard UI.


Reply #22
Ok, I see, thanks for the info foosion...
Well, then I can only hope for an implementation of this function in the regular Foobar-pack then...



Reply #23
Is 0.5 of foo_temple is the latest version available. If so it's not compatible with fb2k 0.76. It loads when starting fb2k, but when I try to play enqueued items it crashes. Or maybe i do smth wrong? Don't let this great plugin die!!!
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