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Topic: Mobile (Android) Foobar library scanner has problems with this track (Read 1408 times) previous topic - next topic
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Mobile (Android) Foobar library scanner has problems with this track

I moved my library to a different sd card and Foobar needed to rescan it.
Now I cannot play some .m4a tracks because their scanned length is fixed to 10 sec.
The same version of Foobar (1.2.22) was reading the same tracks correctly before the card switch, so it seems the problem is in the library scan, not in the decoding.
I added the tracks on September 2019 - the scan error was introduced between that date and now.
The problem doesn't show for tracks converted with the Nero encoder, only for some tracks obtained with an audio ripper to extract audio from web pages (I don't remember what one).
Checking the tracks with Foobar for Windows doesn't show any error.