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Batch Process to make short Audio Clip

I have many mp3 or flac files.  I would like to select, for example, a bunch of files and take the first 10 seconds of music and save a short audio clip.  Ideally it would retain the name tags etc.  Or to be more complicated, I could customize a time window of the file to save.
What foobar component will allow this?

Re: Batch Process to make short Audio Clip

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You can do it with foobar2000 converter without any external component:

Right clic on the playlist \ Convert \ …
On the right, clic on the “OTHER” option
On this window enable “Preview Generation”: it generates short previews instead of converting entire source tracks.
Below you can choose between a fixed length and a percentage.

 Here is an example with 20 seconds samples with Opus 24 kbps set as output:

Re: Batch Process to make short Audio Clip

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After right clicking on my play list, then Convert, I have no Other option and I see no preview options under the 3 options available.

Re: Batch Process to make short Audio Clip

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click the three dots as guruboolez says in the first step.

Quick convert
...    <---(click this one)
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Re: Batch Process to make short Audio Clip

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In ffmpeg, just like this:
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ffmpeg -t 10 -i IN.flac -c copy OUT.flac
You can also set start time by adding -ss option.

Pros: very fast, no transcoding, flexible
Cons: not sample accurate since it can only cut at frame boundaries, requires shell scripting for batch processing