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Only on Spotify, Apple and oop LP

I'm not sure whether the major labels are releasing directly to the major streaming lossy platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc).
Especially for classical music, which still does quite a bit of biz in the CD format, and generally is favored by lossless and high-rez fans.
Here's the title I'm looking for on CD or RedBook, but only seem to find on oop (out of print) vinyl ....
...or Spotify/Apple streaming:
I have seen a few obscure Amazon listings for a decades-ago CD release.
This is a sought-after album in the classical community. But I don't think the music is best served in lossy streaming .

Re: Only on Spotify, Apple and oop LP

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You can get it from Deezer in FLAC, with good dynamics and spectrum, without noise reduction, but the recording might still be watermarked. I have seen copies of popular music on the streaming system for which only vinyl existed. While most of the stuff there is sourced from CD with dubious settings, some of these seemed to be hastily ripped from a master, with wrong track order, long periods of silence or lack of a fadeout.